Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Vacancy 2024 : Here You Can Get All The Current And Upcoming Information Related To Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Vacancy 2024. Like Recruitment News, Total Posts, Important Dates, Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Application Fees, Qualification, Age Limit, Selection Process, Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Salary, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Exam Date, Admit Card, Answer Key, Merit List, Result, Question Paper and More. Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online FormJaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Online Form Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Vacancy 2024 : Here You Can Get All The Current And Upcoming Information Related To Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Vacancy 2024. Like Recruitment News, Total Posts, Important Dates, Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Application Fees, Qualification, Age Limit, Selection Process, Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Salary, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Exam Date, Admit Card, Answer Key, Merit List, Result, Question Paper and More. RAJASTHAN UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES Kumbha Marg, Sector-18, Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road, Jaipur -302033 Phone: 0141-2795527 Website: www.ruhsraj.org Medical Officer (Dental) Direct Recruitment Examination 2024 (Dental - 172 posts) (MODDRE 2024) Information Booklet  Refer RUHS website (www.ruhsraj.org) for updated and relevant information.  Refer Government of Rajasthan order no l aLFkk@fp-v-@,-Vh-@fo-Hk- @i-3@2023@331 dated 16.05.2023 and jktif=r@,Vh@i-03@2024@112 dated 20.03.2024 of Directorate of Medical Health & Family Welfare, Swasthya Bhawan, Jaipur for details of recruitment, number of Posts and Reservation. Page 2 of 23 IMPORTANT DATES Process Timelines Start date for filling of on-line Registration/ Application form at RUHS website 22.04.2024 Last date for filling of online Application form and fee deposition 21.05.2024 Correction of online application form, if any 24.05.2024 to 28.05.2024 Tentative date of Printing of admit card Information will be given on website, please see the website www.ruhsraj.org for further information Tentative Date of On-line examination (computer based) 15.06.2024 Uploading of valid Rajasthan State Dental Council (RSDC) registration, if not uploaded/issued earlier (The issue date of this valid Rajasthan State Dental Council (RSDC) registration certificate must be on or before the date of Online examination) 16.06.2024 and 17.06.2024 CONTACT DETAIL: The information bulletin and website www.ruhsraj.org shall guide you through the entire process of application submission and help to answer most of your queries. In case if you are still facing issues, then our Candidate Care Support is available on: HELPLINE NUMBER: +91 9986640811 E-MAIL: rajmodentalrecruit2024@gmail.com Page 3 of 23 INTRODUCTION Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur invites on-line applications in compliance to the order no- l aLFkk@fp-v-@,-Vh-@fo-Hk-@i-3@2023@331 dated 16.05.2023 and jktif=r@,Vh@i-03@2024@112 dated 20.03.2024 of Directorate of Medical Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Rajasthan, for Medical Officers (Dental) Direct Recruitment Examination 2024 for recruitment on the posts of Medical Officer (Dental), as given in the Arthana and abovementioned letters, available on website. Please read carefully the following, before you start fillingthe application form, on-line 1) Notification(s) 2) Information booklet 3) Instructions for filling the on-line application form4) Letters from Govt. of Rajasthan (ARTHANA and Letters) etc. as available at the website. 5) FAQ Educational qualification, eligibility criteria and reservation etc. will be as per details mentioned vide order no. laLFkk@fp-v-@,-Vh-@fo-Hk-@i-3@2023@331 dated 16.05.2023 and jktif=r@,Vh@i-03@2024@112 dated 20.03.2024 from Directorate of Medical Health and Family Welfare Services, Government of Rajasthan. Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur shares the responsibility with Government of Rajasthan only for the conduct of examination for direct recruitment on the post of Medical Officer (Dental) as per the ARTHANA and Letters available on RUHS website. The final recruitment process will be conducted by Directorate of Medical Health and Family Welfare Services, Government of Rajasthan only. Any legal issues challenging the examination process will be the sole responsibility of RUHS, Jaipur but issues pertaining to eligibility, reservation, and recruitment will be the responsibility of Government of Rajasthan. RUHS will strictly abide by the criteria’s laid down by Government of Rajasthan in the ARTHANA and Letters, unless directed by Government of Rajasthan only. Page 4 of 23 EXAMINATION FEE All candidates have to pay non-refundable application fee of Rs. 5000/- (Rs. 2500 for SC, ST category of Rajasthan State) + applicable charges as per bank/credit card/debit card policies etc. How to pay: The prescribed examination fee should be remitted through the payment gateway using Credit card/ Debit Card/Internet Banking/ UPI etc. during the process of online filling of application form. Fee will not be accepted at any other stage except during the online filling of application form. Any other mode (Offline) of fee deposition like CASH/DRAFT/Cheque/Bankers Cheque etc. is not permitted. The application fee is neither refundable, nor transferable and nor adjustable for any other recruitments. Any plea in this matter shall not be entertained. Examination fee in respect to the candidates who are absent or declared ineligible due to any reason will be forfeited. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (as per the ARTHANA and Letters available at the website) 1. Essential Qualification Post Minimum Requirement Medical Officer (Dental) vfuok;Z ;k sX;rk%& ch-Mh-,ldkfe Zd foHkkx dh vf/klwpuk Øekad ,Q-03¼7½Mhvk sih-@,&AA@97 fnukad 17@09@99 ds i zko/kku ds vu qlkj ijh{kk frfFk rd jktLFkku M saVy dk S afly dk jftLVªs'ku gk suk vfuok; Z gSA** uksV%& izksc s'ku i w.k Z gksu s i'pkr~ gh PG gsrq Apply dj lds axs( dkfeZd foHkkx d s Øek ad i-8¼3½dkfeZd@d&2@73 ikV Z t;iqj fnuk ad 24@03@2022 d s }kjk tkjh ifji=A ;k sX;rk,a@vu qHko vf/kekU; ¼fgUnh½ e sa % ^^nsoukxjh fyfi esa fy[kh fgUnh dk O;ogkfjd Kku ,oa jktLFkku dh laL—fr dk Kku** Note: The candidate must have completed his/her internship on or before date of examination. Page 5 of 23 2. Age Requirement: Minimum 22 years and maximum 45 years (as on 01.01.2025). The relaxation in upper age limit for reserved category candidates of Rajasthan shall be applicable as per state government rules (Arthana and letters available at the website). Important Note: - Candidates who are Non Bonafide Resident of Rajasthan will be treated as General candidates and will not be given any benefits of Age /Fee relaxation. jktLFkku fpfdRlk ,oa LokLF; lsok fu;e 1963 ds fu;e 10 ds vUrxZr%& (i) dkfeZd foHkkx ds vf/klwpuk Øekad i-07¼2½ dkfe Zd@d&2@93 ikV Z fnukad 25@05@2000 ds vuqlj.k esa v-tk-@v-t-tk-@fiNM+h tkfr ds fy;s vf/kdre vk;q lhek esa 5 o"kZ dh NwV n;s gksxhA (ii) dkfeZd foHkkx dh vf/klwpuk Øekad i-02¼2½dkfeZd@d&2@84 Hkkx 18 fnukad 30@04@2001 ds vuqlj.k esa jktLFkku ds v-tk-@vuq-t-tk-@fiNM +h tkfr dh efgykvksa dks vf/kdre vk;q lhek esa 10 o"kZ dh NwV ,oa lkekU; izoxZ dh efgykvks a dks vf/kdre vk;q lhek ea s 5 o"kZ dh NwVA (iii) Ex-Service Man vH;kfFkZ;ksa ds fy;s vf/kdre vk;q 50 o"kZ gksxh ,oa dkfeZd foHkkx ds ifji= Øekad i-5 ¼18½ dkfe Zd@d&2@84 ikVZ AA fnukad 12@12@2022 o fnukad 27@02@2023 esa fn;s x;s fn'kk&funsZ'kksa dh ikyukA (iv) fo/kok ,oa ifjR;Drk efgykvk sa ds fy; s vf/kdre vk; q lhek ugha gSA (v) dkfeZd foHkkx dh vf/klwpuk fnukad 23@09@08 ds vuqlj.k esa foHkkx }kjk iwoZ e sa o"kZ 2018 dk s vkj-;w-,p-,l- }kjk foKfIr tkjh dh xbZ Fkh] blfy, vf/klwpuk fnukad 23@09@08 ds vuqlkj vk;q lhek esa NwV ns; ugha gksxhA (vi) dkfeZd foHkkx ds vf/klwpuk Øekad F.7 (1) DOP/A-II/2019 fnukad 16@04@2021 ds vuqlj.k esa jktLFkku ds vkfFkZd fiNM+k oxZ dks vf/kdre vk; q lhek esa 05 o"kZ dh N wV ,oa lkekU; izox Z dh efgykvks a dks vf/kdre vk; q lhek esa 10 o"kZ dh NwV ,oa le;≤ ij dkfe Zd foHkkx dh vf/klwpuk ds vk/kkj ij vk;q lhek ea s NwV n;s gksxhA Page 6 of 23 DETAILS OF POSTS For the details of posts of Medical Officer (Dental), category wise, refer order no. l aLFkk@fp-v-@,-Vh-@fo-Hk-@i-3@2023@331 dated 16.05.2023 of Directorate of Medical Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Rajasthan (available at the RUHS website). PAY SCALE Medical Officer (Dental) 15600&39100 (pay band 3) (x zsM&is la- 14] 5400@&½ es a nks o"k Z rd ifjoh{kk dky esa jkf'k #i;s 39]300@& izfrekg n;s gksxkA ifjoh{kk izf'k{k.k vof/k ea s vU; lqfo/kk,sa ,oa vodk'k vkfn jktLFkku lsok fu;eksa vkfn esa la'kk sf/kr izko/kkuksa ds vuqlkj ns; gksax sA ifjoh{kk izf'k{k.k vof/k ds lUrks"ktud iw.kZ gksu s ds mijkUr gh in dh osru Ja `[kyk dk U;uw re ,oa vU; HkRrs fu;ekuqlkj ns; gks axsA RESERVATION The reservation of posts will be made subject to statutory provisions enacted by State of Rajasthan. Candidates seeking benefit of reservation must submit attested copy of the valid caste certificate (EWS, SC, ST, OBC, MBC) or the additional category certificate (if applicable) issued by the competent authority. MARRIAGE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE AND CHILDREN DETAILS dkfeZd ¼d&2½ foHkkx }kjk ifji= fnukad 30@06@06 ds vuqlkj vkosnd ds fookfgr gk sus dh fLFkfr esa vkosnd ls fookg iath;u dh lwpuk fy;k tkuk vfuok; Z gSA dkfeZd foHkkx dh vf/klwpuk la[;k ,Q-07¼1½Mh-vks-ih-@,&AA@1995¼10@03½ fnukad 08@04@03 ds vuqlkj ,slk dksbZ Hkh vH;kFkh Z ftlds fnukad 01@06@2002 dks ;k mlds i'pkr ~ nks ls vf/kd cPp s gks] lsok ea s fu;fq Dr ds fy;s ik= ugha gksxkA Page 7 of 23 APPLICATION PROCEDURE Before filling the on-line application form, read the notification(s), information booklet, instructions for filling on-line application form etc. carefully. Ensure the eligibility and other requirements / criteria for recruitment as given in this booklet, Arthana and letters. Important Note: - On or before the date of online examination candidate must have the valid registration certificate with Rajasthan State Dental Council, otherwise candidate will not be eligible. The online application form filling will be in 3 stages – Stage 1- Registration Stage 2- Detailed Application form filling (Personal, Qualification, Employment, Responsible officer information, Document upload) Stage3 – Online Fee Deposition Candidates will be eligible for issue of admit card only after completing all the above 3 stages of on-line application form, failing which his/her application form will be rejected. Candidates should enter active mobile no. and email id as it will be used through entire procedure of recruitment. Candidates should be very careful in filling-up the on-line application form. If any lapse is detected during the scrutiny, your candidature will be rejected even if you come through the final stage of recruitment process or even at a later stage. Furnishing incomplete information or fake information may lead to cancellation of candidature, which will be the sole responsibility of the candidate only. Candidates are advised to fill online application form well in time so as to avoid any last minute missed deadline. IMPORTANT: HAND WRITTEN / TYPED / PHOTOSTAT COPIES / PRINTED APPLICATION FORM / SCREEN PRINTOUT WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED. Follow the steps as given in “Instructions to fill up on-line application form” available at the RUHS website. Note the Registration no. (ID) and password for further steps. Keep it safe. Page 8 of 23 Procedure for Submitting Online Applications through www.ruhsraj.org Instruction for filling the On-line application form GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Applications can be submitted Online only, through RUHS Website for which candidate must have internet facility with online fee payment facility. (No manual/ paper application will be entertained) i. Candidate must have good internet facility with reasonable speed and online payment facility (Internet Banking / Debit Card / Credit Card/ UPI etc.). ii. Candidate will have to visit RUHS Website, https://www.ruhsraj.org iii. Entries in the application form shall be required to be filled only in English. iv. Before starting to fill up the on-line application form, keep at hand the following details/ documents/ information with you as per the requirement prescribed as below:  Personal details (Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Valid State dental council/ RSDC Registration Details)  Government approved ID proof (PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card).  Valid and Active Email ID.  Valid and Active Mobile number for receiving SMSs.  Educational qualification details with percentages of the marks obtained.  Digital copy of scanned photo, signature and Left & Right thumb impression with maximum 200 KB size and in JPEG or JPG format only  A facility to take Print-out of the complete Application Form.  Online Payment facility (Internet Banking / Debit Card / Credit Card/ UPI etc.)  Any other relevant documents. v. Following THREE steps are to be followed to complete the application process: STEP-1: BASIC REGISTRATION: a) Open RUHS Website, https://www.ruhsraj.org b) Click on “Medical Officer (Dental) Direct Recruitment Examination 2024” button/link. c) Read Arthana and letters, Notification, Information Booklet, Instruction for filling the on- line application form, FAQs in General Links before applying. Page 9 of 23 d) Check the Important Information and Click on the “REGISTER” button. (Registration is a onetime activity). This will open “Candidate Registration” page. (Ref. Fig-01) Fig-01 e) Fill the required details in the “Registration Form” page, such as Candidate Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Email and Mobile Number, S t a t e D e n t a l C o u n c i l / Rajasthan State Dental Council details. (Ref. Fig-02) Page 10 of 23 Fig-02 f) Check these details carefully because you will not be permitted to change these basic details in this application later and then press the SUBMIT button. Page 11 of 23 g) Upon successful submission, you will be shown the Registration Details Page. You may note down the details such as Registration details (Registration ID), this will also be sent on your registered e-mail ID given at the time of Registration. Registration Details will be used as Login ID. Please keep these details for future reference as these details will be used throughout the recruitment process. h) You will need registration details to complete STEP-2 and STEP-3 either now or later before the last day of submission of application form and application fee. Fig-03 i) Click on Go to Application Form tab to complete Step 2 and Step 3 (Ref. Fig-03). STEP-2: Application Form a. You may go to RUHS Website homepage, https://www.ruhsraj.org and click on Medical Officer ( D e n t a l ) Direct Recruitment Examination 2024 button. b. Click Login Button and enter your Registration Details, i.e., Registration/User ID and Password (Ref. Fig-04) which will open the Personal Details page of the Application Form. Page 12 of 23 Fig-04 c. Note: If you wish to complete your application later, you can leave the page. You can fill the second page of the Application later on or before the Last Date of Submission of Application, by going to the RUHS Website again and logging in as Already Registered/Login Candidate using your Registration/User ID and Password. d. Fill details in, “Personal Details, Qualification Details, Employment Details, Information Details Tabs” - Fill up all the required information and upload documents in, “Document Upload and Payment Tab”. Candidates should take utmost care while furnishing these details. e. After completing the details in each tab, please click on” Save and Next” Button to save your filled details and go to next tab then click on “Submit” button on “Document Upload and Payment Tab” to move on to Fee deposition Page. (Ref. Fig-05) Page 13 of 23 Fig-05 Page 14 of 23 STEP 3: PAYMENT DETAILS a) After clicking on submit button you will be redirected to Payment page, where You will get an option to make payment. You can select it and make payment through Internet Banking/ Debit Card/ Credit Card/ UPI etc. b) You have to select your mode of payment, i.e., through Internet Banking/ Debit Card/ Credit Card/ UPI etc. and once the prescribed fee is paid you will be redirected to Application Form with confirmation of payment of application fee. This page will contain complete details of your Application Form along with payment details. You will also get confirmation of acceptance of the application form on your registered e-mail ID. c) You may take print out of the Application Form by clicking on Print button or using ctrl+p button on the top of page on Applicant Details (ref Fig-06) d) In case you forget to take print out of your submitted application, you can login again in Portal with same process and take print out as mentioned in above point “c”. Fig -06 Page 15 of 23 Documents to be uploaded at the time of filling the online application form: 1. Photo ID (PAN card / Aadhar card/ Driving license/ Voter id/ Passport etc.) 2. Valid EWS certificate issued by competent authority, if applicable 3. Valid Caste certificate issued by competent authority, if applicable 4. Valid PwD certificate issued by competent authority, if applicable 5. Valid Ex-serviceman certificate issued by competent authority, if applicable 6. Valid State/ Rajasthan State Dental Council registration Certificate. 7. Marriage certificate 8. UG Mark sheet and UG Degree 9. Scanned UG Attempt certificate 10. Scanned Internship Completion Certificate 11. PG mark sheet and degree, if applicable 12. Scanned copy of signature of the candidate 13. Scanned copy of right thumb impression 14. Scanned copy of left thumb impression 15. Process of uploading the photograph is divided into 2 parts- (a) Scanned copy of Passport size photograph (b) live captured photo by web cam * In case, Valid RSDC (Rajasthan State Dental Council) registration certificate is not available on or before the date of on-line examination then it must be uploaded on 17/06/2024 by editing the application form. The issue date of this V a l i d RSDC registration certificate must be on or before 15.06.2024 RUHS will not be responsible for any consequences arising out of forgotten password / misuse of your password. It is your responsibility to maintain confidentiality of your password. Sharing your password can result in its misuse by somebody else, leading to even exclusion of a genuine candidate from the recruitment process. After uploading documents payment of application fee shall be made through online mode only by using Debit/Credit card/ Net banking/ UPI etc. After payment download the application form and ensure that the bank transaction ID is mentioned on the application form. There is no need to print and send application form to RUHS. Print copy of application form will be required at the time of recruitment after selection, with the abovementioned documents. CORRECTION / EDITING IN THE FILLED APPLICATION FORMCorrections, if any, in the on-line filled application form, can be done throughcandidate’s login option from 24.05.2024 to 28.05.2024 (Server time), as per FAQs No.4. (The information submitted in the step-1 (Registration) and Step -2 like Gender, Domicile, and Category are not editable). No corrections will be done after 28.05.2024. In case, Valid RSDC registration certificate is not available at the time of filling the on-line application form then it must be uploaded on 16.06.2024 and 17.06.2024 Valid RSDC registration certificate must be issued on or before the date of online examination i.e. 15.06.2024. Page 16 of 23 SCHEME OF EXAMINATION The Medical Officer (Dental) Direct Recruitment (MODDRE-2024) Examination shall be conducted ONLINE in Computer Based mode. The question paper will comprise of 100 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS OF ONE MARK EACH, for which 2 Hours (120 minutes) will be given to the candidates. THERE SHALL BE NO NEGATIVE MARKING. The Examination will be in ENGLISH LANGUAGE Only. The center for MODDRE-2024 Examination will be preferably at JAIPUR. However, RUHS reserves the right to create cities/centre(s) for examination and also to call the candidates for the examination at any city / centre. Other details relating to conduct of the examination shall be available at the RUHS website in due course. Candidates trying to use unfair means shall be disqualified from the recruitment. No correspondence whatsoever will be entertained from the candidates. You should make sure of your eligibility to the post and that the declaration made by you in the format of application regarding your eligibility is correct in all respects. You will be liable to any legal action and / or termination from the services as may be deemed fit by the appointing authority in case it is found that you have furnished incorrect information or made false declaration regarding your eligibility at any stage or suppressed any information. In case of any dispute, the area of jurisdiction will be Hon’ble Rajasthan High Court only. The decision of the RUHS in all aspects and all respects pertaining to the application and its acceptance or rejection as the case may be, conduct of examination and at all consequent stages culminating in the selection or otherwise of any candidate shall be final in all respects and binding on all concerned. RUHS reserves its right to alter and modify time and conditions laid down in the notification for conducting the various stages up to selection, duly intimating details thereof on the RUHS website, as warranted by any unforeseen circumstances arising during the course of this process, or as deemed necessary by the RUHS at any stage. Page 17 of 23 Syllabus Syllabus for the said examination comprises of all the subjects studied by BDS graduate during four- year curriculum as prescribed by DCI. INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES 1. Medical Officers (Dental) Direct Recruitment Examination-2024, is the eligibility-cum-ranking examination for the recruitment on post of Medical Officer in Government of Rajasthan. 2. MODDRE-2024, will be conducted by RUHS, Jaipur. Candidates may note that role of RUHS is limited to the conduct of MODDRE2024, declaration of result and handing over the result only to the designated authority for recruitment. Verification of documents and determining the final eligibility of the candidates will be undertaken by the designated authority for recruitment. 3. Candidates are advised to read this information booklet carefully and go through the instructions regarding submission of online application form before starting online submission process for MODDRE-2024. 4. Candidates are deemed to have read, agreed and accepted the information booklet, eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions for MODDRE-2024 on completing the online submission of application process. 5. Candidate can submit MODDRE-2024 application form only once. Any candidate found to have submitted more than one application form for MODDRE-2024, his/her candidature may be cancelled. 6. Candidate should ensure that all information entered during the online submission of application form is correct and factual. RUHS WILL NOT ENTERTAIN, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ANY REQUEST FOR CHANGE IN THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE CANDIDATE. The option for editing the information entered in the application form shall be available for the candidates as per the schedule published in the information booklet. After this no editing/corrections of information will be permitted in any circumstances. Page 18 of 23 7. RUHS does not edit/modify/alter any information entered by the candidate at the time of online submission of application form under any circumstances. 8. Application for MODDRE- 2024 can only be submitted online through RUHS website www.ruhsraj.org. There is no other methodology for submission of application and fee deposition. 9. Candidates who fail to submit duly completed application with requisite documents and/or fail to rectify the deficiencies in the stipulated time shall be declared ineligible. Admit cards shall not be issued to such candidates who are declared ineligible before the conduct of examination. 10. Applications of candidates producing false or fabricated records/ declarations will not be considered and candidature of such candidates shall be cancelled by RUHS at any stage. 11. Candidates are advised to ensure that mandatory columns in the online application form should not be left blank. In the event of rejection of incomplete application form, no correspondence/ request for re- consideration will be entertained. 12. Candidate should ensure before applying for the examination that their BDS degree is recognized as per the provisions of DCI Act and their v a l i d Registration c e r t i f i c a t e with Rajasthan State Dental Council will be available on or before the date of conduct of MODDRE-2024 Examination. Candidates who fail to upload their valid Registration Certificate issued by RSDC at the time of online submission of application form, can upload the same on 16.06.2024 and 17.06.2024 by server time. Thereafter their candidature will be cancelled and their result will not be declared even if they have undertaken the MODDRE-2024 Examination. Offline submission of Valid Registration Certificate with RSDC will not be entertained in any circumstances. 13. In case of rejection of application or cancellation of candidature at any stage, the examination fee shall not be refunded. Page 19 of 23 14. RUHS reserves the right to withdraw permission, if any, granted inadvertently to any candidate who is not eligible to appear in the MODDRE- 2024 Examination even though the admit card/ roll number has been issued. Fee of such candidates shall not be refunded. 15. Examination fee shall neither be carried to any future examination nor refunded under any circumstance, nor will be transferred to any other candidate. The examination fee of candidates remaining absent shall be forfeited. Application and fee once submitted cannot be withdrawn. 16. No application form shall be entertained if online examination fee is not deposited. Examination fee can be deposited online only during the online application filling process. No other mode of deposition of examination fee is permissible under any circumstances. 17. In case of any ambiguity in interpretation of any of the instructions/ terms/ rules/ criteria regarding the determination of eligibility/ conduct of examination/ declaration of result/ information contained herein, the interpretation of RUHS, Jaipur shall be final and binding in nature. 18. Request shall not be entertained for change in date/ center of examination under any circumstances. If a candidate remains absent/ does not report for the examination in stipulated time, then his/ her application for re-conduct of his/ her examination will not be entertained under any circumstances. Candidates are advised not to canvass for such representations. 19. Admit cards shall be available on the website of RUHS (information will be given on website, please see the website www.ruhsraj.org for further information). 20. The candidates shall arrive at the test centers on the reporting time as mentioned in their admit card on the day of examination. This will allow time for security checks, identity verification, and checking in for examination. Delayed entry shall not be permitted under any circumstances. 21. Candidate MUST bring to test center the following documents: A. Printed copy of Admit Card with photo pasted on it; & Page 20 of 23 B. Any one of these authorized Photo ID’s (must be original, valid & non expired). The name on the photo ID must match with the name as shown on the Admit Card. a) PAN Card b) Passport c) Voter ID d) Driving license e) Aadhar Card (With photograph)  E-Aadhar card shall be accepted only if e-Aadhar number is printed on it and card should be of good quality colored print out with clearly visible photograph.  Unfair means case shall be registered at concerned police station against candidates producing false/ forged admit card/ photo ID. 22. Candidates will not be allowed to take following items inside the examination center under any circumstance. All the candidates will be subjected to compulsory frisking before entering the examination center: a. Any textual material (printed or written) like notes, books etc., plastic pouch, pencil box, Calculator, writing pad, pen drives, erasers, etc. Even Pen/Pencil are not permitted inside the examination center. b. Any electronic devices like Mobile, Blue tooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, Wrist watch, Health Band, Smart Watch, Calculator, Electronic pen, Scanners etc. c. All ornaments like bracelets, Rings, Earings, Nose-pin, Chain/ Necklace, Pendants, Badge, Brooch, etc. d. Other items like Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, Belt, Cap etc. e. Any eatable item open or packed, soft drinks, water bottles etc. f. Any other item which could be used for unfair means, for hiding communication devices like wireless/Bluetooth device, spy cameras etc. NOTE 1: IF ANY CANDIDATE IS FOUND POSSESSING ANY OF THE ABOVE ARTICLE INSIDE THE CENTRE AT ANY STAGE, BEFORE/ DURING/ AFTER THE EXAMINATION, HIS/ HER CANDIDATURE WILL BE CANCELLED AND UNFAIR MEANS CASE WILL BE REGISTERED AGAINST HIM/HER AND SUCH Page 21 of 23 CANDIDATE WILL BE HANDED OVER TO POLICE FOR FURTHER ACTION. NOTE 2: NO ARRANGEMENTS SHALL BE MADE AT CENTRES FOR KEEPING ANY ARTICLES/ ITEMS BELONGING TO THE CANDIDATES. TO AVOID DIFFICULTIES AND HARDSHIP, CANDIDATES ARE ADVISED NOT TO BRING SUCH ITEMS WITH THEM AT THE TEST CENTRE. 23. Bio Breaks are not permitted once candidate enters the exam hall. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall till the final bell for completion of examination is rung. 24. The jurisdiction for court cases/disputes shall be High Court of Rajasthan only. Page 22 of 23 UNFAIR MEANS If during the course of applying/ examination, a candidate is found indulging in any of the following, he/ she shall be deemed to have used unfair means: 1. If a candidate is found to have made a wrong statement in his/ her application form for appearance in the examinations or by production of a false/ forged document. 2. If at any stage a candidate has tampered with any entry in the certificate or statement of marks or any certificate issued by any governmental or nongovernmental body or any other document that has been issued to him / her. 3. Use / possession of any kind of electronic gadgets including mobile phones with or without internet (whether the gadgets are actually used or not). 4. A candidate found copying from notes written on any part of his/ her clothing, body, desk or table or instrument or who is found guilty of concealing, disfiguring, rendering illegible, swallowing or destroying any notes or papers or material found with him / her or talking to a person or consulting notes or books outside the Examination Hall, while going to the toilet or in the toilet. 5. Giving or receiving assistance directly or indirectly of any kind or attempting to do so. 6. Having in possession of any note-book(s) or notes or chits or any other unauthorized material concerning the subject pertaining to the examination paper. 7. Change of seat / system without the permission of Examination Superintendent / In-charge Computer Laboratory. 8. Contacting or communicating or trying to do so with any person, other than the Invigilation Staff, during the examination time in the examination center / Computer Laboratory. 9. Cheating by Impersonation. 10. Forgery in photo identification produced to seek entry in the test centre / producing false documents for the purpose. 11. Using or attempting to use any other undesirable method or means in connection with the examination. 12. Running away or swallowing or destroying any note or paper or material found with him / her. 13. Threatening any of the officials connected with the conduct of the examinations or threatening of any of the candidates. 14. Peeping into the computer monitor screen of the other candidate. 15. Hacking or attempting to hack or causing interference with the website of RUHS or its Technology Partner(s) or their Information Technology systems. 16. Damaging the computer systems of computer Laboratory. 17. Candidate found to have attempted or trying to attempt personally or through another person to influence or pressurize an examiner, or any officer or official connected with the examinations of the RUHS or its technology partner, either at Page 23 of 23 RUHS or at the office of technology partner or their respective residence(s), in any matter concerned with the examinations. 18. Any act of candidate/ any person which is detrimental to safe, secure and smooth conduct of examination. 19. Any candidate who refuses to obey the Superintendent of Examination center/ Computer Lab and changes his/ her seat with another candidate and/ or creates disturbance of any kind during the examination and / or otherwise misbehaves in the examination hall. 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Jaipur RUHS 172 Medical Officer Recruitment 2024

Form Mode
Online Mode
Job Location
Jaipur (RJ)
Monthly Salary
Rs. 15600-39100
Job Basis

Important Dates

  • Starting Date : 22/04/2024
  • Last Date : 21/05/2024 11:59 PM
  • Correction Date : 24-28 May 2024
  • Tentative Exam Date : 15/06/2024
  • Admit Card : Available Soon

Application Fee

  • Gen / OBC / EWS : 5000/-
  • SC / ST : 2500/-
  • Payment Mode : Online Mode

Age Limit

  • Age Limit : 22-45 Years
  • Age Limit as on : 01/01/2025
  • Age Relaxation Extra as per Rules

Selection Process

  • Written Exam
  • Document Verification
  • Medical Exam

Total Post & Qualification

Post Name
Medical Officer (Dental)
  • BDS Degree and Registered with the Rajasthan Dental Council.

Category Wise Vacancy


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  • Read Full Notification Before Filling Online Vacancy Application Form.
  • And collect all the documents like eligibility, ID proof, address details, basic details.
  • Prepare all the scanned documents like photo, sign, ID proof etc.
  • Preview and check all the columns carefully before submitting the application form.
  • If you have to pay the fees online or offline then pay the fees as per the given steps.
  • And then submit the application form and take a print out of the final submitted form.